Why Haven’t The Defenders Won Yet?

Let me preface this post by saying that my observations are exactly what an observation is, a scrutiny of something that is occurring, or mostly in this case, things that have already  occurred; hindsight is 20/20.

It is a review of what could have been done better and what else could be done better by the Defenders if they truly want to instill change without taking into consideration the “God factor“. This is not a post mortem for the fight has yet to be won, but rather a sanity check and hopefully a nudge in the correct direction.

It is said that to initiate and implement complex change there are 8 steps. I will only discuss the first seven and how they apply.

They are:

1.) Create a sense of urgency to combat complacency

2.) Assemble a coalition force that is powerful, knowledgable, and influential

3.) Create the right vision, strategy, and tactics for a change group to address the questions of:

  • “why are we doing what we are doing?”
  • “what are we working towards?”
  • “how are we going to get there”

4.) Assemble volunteer change agents. Communicate the vision constantly and instill it within them to light their fire.

5.) Maintain velocity by removing barriers

6.) Generate and market short-term wins

7.) Sustain or enhance the change velocity

Now how do these apply to the lack of success of the Defenders? Simply put, the self-proclaimed Defenders only partially succeeded  with step 1 and step 7. The rest was non-existent.

Step 1 ,in my humble opinion, was both a success and a disaster. Although the sense of urgency was raised by Bro. Angel’s video and by A.E’s posts it traded something very very important that should be preserved when you are participating in a conflict and that is the advantage of surprise. It is said that the most dangerous weapon is a weapon that is hidden or unknown. When you play poker [while not betting of course ;)] do you reveal your cards pre-showdown? Sure if you want to lose. Compartmentalized, the Defenders cinched this step, but from a strategic view not even close. That is because this feeds into Step 2.

Step 2 was either lost as a priority or was never even considered. You want change? You have to win over the powerful and knowledgable influencers in the game. These are your force multipliers, sponsors, and foundation. The Defenders did not lay the initial ground work in winning over the media, politicians, local police, international agencies, or even internal resources.

Step 3 was definitely missing. First and foremost there is no leader to lead the vision creation. Let’s examine that here:

Bro. Angel Manalo – More interested in saving his father’s house than fighting the true fight
Bro. Jun Samson – Self appointed himself as leader without anyone’s blessing and currently lacks leader and interpersonal skills to succeed
Bro. Louie Cayabyab – Not interested in uniting with the rest of the Ministers
Bro. Marc Manalo – Missing in action.
Bro.Lowell Menorca – Arrogant and overestimates the achievements the successes and progress made by the Defenders. Thus preventing honest improvement conversations.

The Ministers/workers above is the short-list of the key influencers in the group. None have exemplified leadership skills nor operational deftness to succeed in this huge and holy endeavor of restoring the church to its former glory.

In short, no united vision was formulated, no strategy was put into place, and certainly no united actions were executed.

Step 4 – You can’t communicate a vision if you don’t have one. You cannot communicate a vision to people if you have not engaged and gathered them.

Step 5 – Which barriers will you be removing if you do not know which direction you are heading?

Step 6 is something that the Defenders arguably has contributed tons of work in, but again comes at a price. Small wins are marketed and even flaunted but at the sake of brotherhood and the sake of what [I perceive] that we are fighting for. Kelly Ong, Sher Lock, and other bloggers  write with contempt, spite, and emotion. It’s what  I call “fluff”. Something to rile up the mob, inspire them to pick up their pitch forks, and motivate them to move towards a direction that is usually not the correct one.

Step 7 You cannot go faster towards nowhere. You need a destination.

To be honest,  I stopped writing because I was tired of what I was seeing. I was tired of the failures of the Defenders and their seemingly unstoppable ability to do exactly what they should not do coupled with their lack of awareness.

I was tired of the Administration’s murder campaign against my brethren because they fail to win for their tactics lack logic and guidance from God. I was tired of trying to understand why a group of the highest of ministers entrusted with the very safekeeping of the flock can steal from God himself.

I was tired of fighting for a God that’s nowhere to be seen in this battle.

If I go to the east, God is not there.
If I go to the west, I still don’t see him.
When he is working in the north, I don’t see him.
When he turns to the south, I still don’t see him.

-Job 23: 8-9

But there’s hope isn’t there? God’s time is his own and no matter how long he takes he promised that he will always be our fortress and foundation. He has promised that no matter how long evil seems to linger that he will eradicate it.

So I present this as a gift to you who still have hope and courage within your hearts. This is the gift of feedback or as others know it “constructive criticism”. Change your ways and align it with the Lord’s. Unite yourselves and leave your ego at the door. Pray to God to use you as instruments in cleansing the church. Come up with a full lifecycle plan and execute.

May God be with all of us. May our beloved church be restored in our lifetime.

I.N.C. Sentinel


3 thoughts on “Why Haven’t The Defenders Won Yet?

  1. You’ve definitely put some serious thought into this. Well done.

    I wish we could sit down for dinner together and discuss your points at length. As in all things, rarely are issues as black and white as we’d like them to be – and I would love discussing the ‘grey’ with you.

    That said… I wish (and pray) that you continue to offer your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism. In the end – if I was pushed to pick one of the main casualties of this fight – it is our ability to have these types of discussions without fear of reprisal from our self-appointed leaders.

    I pray that the discussion continues.

    Take care, dear Brother.

    Bro Nico


  2. Your points are personally well taken. Your criticism or more precisely put, observations and frustrations which led to your silence (and many others I presume) also I fully understand and there will be no buts from this end … at this time.


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