God Will Cut Down The Murderers!

How long will the Church Administration continue to justify their actions in the name of God while hurting the Church? A warning to to those that are leading or participating in this smear campaign… If you continue to walk on the warmongering path that you are treading, God will cut you down (Psalm 94:23).

Did you know that God equates hate with murder (1 John 3:15)?.. and do you know what reeks of hate? The Church Administration posters that  brethren  plastered and posted on their social media accounts.  This smear or “murder” campaign was led by the Administration against those who are allegedly revealing corruption within the church leadership. Here are some examples:


11896542_662506043850771_962832695776435515_oWhy are these considered “hate” acts? Do you see which words are emphasized? Correct, it is “Marc” and “Angel” as in… Bro. Marc Manalo and Bro. Angel Manalo. Have you observed how they drew the caricatures of the mother and her three children? They drew them on purpose to look comical, criminal, and maybe even mentally challenged. I’ll let you guys into a little secret, this is war propaganda. The objective of these types of material is to desensitize the audience to the “elimination” of the enemy by making the enemy appear less human or by associating them heavily with unfavorable pictures and words. Here are some examples of American war propaganda against Germany and Japan during World War I and II:


Do you see the purpose of these posters? The American government wanted to convince the public that they would not be supporting the killing of Germans (who look like Caucasian-Americans) they instead would be killing Huns/criminals/savage beasts. These Hun criminals that the troops would be killing have British blood on their hands and they are looming over the Atlantic Ocean prepared to strike against America. These German “beasts” have abducted and defiled a woman thus they have to be hunted and killed. Observe how WWII Japan PM Hideki Tojo and Hitler are illustrated as pigs. According to these posters, the American troops would not be slaughtering humans for the Germans and Japanese are not humans… they are merely pigs.

Back to my original point: based on the posters that the Church Administration has marketed, misled brethren will strongly associate Bro. Marc with “division” and Bro. Angel with “Satan”. The caricatures of the family make them appear unreliable and not  worthy sources of truth. Now which brother or sister in their right mind would side with Satan or those causing “division”? Or which of our confused brethren would choose to side with those who look like criminals or those that appear to lack the mental acuity to facilitate the restoration of the Church? None.

Brethren do not support the Church Administration in these heinous campaigns against anyone, especially not our own brothers and sisters. Do not allow the Administration to remove compassion and love from our hearts. They will justify their actions as best as they could, even quoting the holy scriptures under false pretense of humility and love, but do not fall for it! Hold them accountable to their propagation of murder.  Allow me to make this clear: despite what the truth is concerning the corruption within the Church leadership team, the Administration is wrong in their approach here. Wrong… dead wrong. What will God do to these murderers? That’s right, unless they turn their back on the paths of hate that they are walking on, God will cut them down and judge them (Matthew 5:21).

So my warning to those who continue perpetuate hate within the Church: Stop now before it’s too late. Save yourselves. Save your families. Save the Church.  God’s patience is great but if you continue to refuse His olive branch, His justice will be heavy upon you (Numbers 14:18, Jeremiah 44:22).

Your Brother in the Lord,

I.N.C. Sentinel


6 thoughts on “God Will Cut Down The Murderers!

  1. What I don’t understand is.. Why Bro. Eduardo allowing these things to happen? Does he not watch TV, or read the news? Did he not know about the rally? Why doesn’t he do something if he really is the leader of this Church!


    1. Addition to Your Question.

      In my opinion, your questions are legitimate and logical; and may I ADD the question, “Why even the expelled ministers and members DO NOT DIRECTLY implicate the Executive Minister?” Again in my opinion, the answer most probably is, “because INC members especially ministers and church workers believe that the Executive Minister is accountable ONLY to God…. Hence, by faith, most INC members and officers are NOT directly implicating the Executive Minister.”

      Let’s CONTINUE in our regular fervent prayers to God for Him to continue working with His power to let TRUTH, JUSTICE and CHRISTIAN LOVE reign.


  2. This smear campaign was promoted and sponsored by “Official” INC portals on the internet and social media (i.e. INCMedia, INCTV, Access the Truth, etc…). Ministers on Facebook also share these images and as expected, their member followers will do the same thing. Honestly, it is all very disappointing for us who were fortunate to grow up under the previous administration. I wouldn’t be surprised if these images started getting plastered on the walls and hallways of our chapels. The good folk at INCMedia have even begun interviewing regular brethren concerning their “reactions” to the “victorious rally”. What would be nice is if resident ministers would hold open forum discussions that welcome any and all questions brethren may have regarding the Church. Instead of them just shoving propaganda into our collective psyche.


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