Questions of Our Brethren

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Some of you have written to me asking questions concerning specific concerns that you have. I apologize  for not being able to answer quick enough. We will discuss subjects specific to: church leaders, patience, membership,  and offerings. It is my hope to address some of the questions below with the guidance of the words of our Almighty God.

For the sake of education and true obedience to the laws of God, I challenge you to take my answers with a grain of salt and to do your own research. Check if my words to you are indeed in the holy scriptures.  Be diligent my brethren for our Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ expects no less from us.

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Personal Analysis: Church Administration’s Response on 08/26/15

Hello brethren! I.N.C. Sentinel here again. I cannot… I simply just cannot sit here and let the Church Administration fill your minds and convince you with these preposterous excuses.  These types of responses are exactly the kind that we do not want to hear from them for they add no value to the conversation. The only thing that this response from Bro. Santiago has achieved is exacerbate the crisis that they mishandled in the first place and place the Iglesia ni Cristo in further embarrassment and shame.

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Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness Will Restore Our Family

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I am writing to you to address a topic that weighs most heavily in my heart. Some of our Brethren have wrongfully identified their words and actions as divinely inspired, when actually their actions and responses are working to destroy the unity and brotherhood that our spiritual forefathers have admonished us to uphold. I am speaking to all that are taking petty shots at each other, spreading apocryphal rumors, and attempting to destroy each other’s character… my Brethren, you are only succeeding in destroying the Christian movement that we are fighting so hard for. I am sorry to say that you have been tricked by our cunning Enemy (1 Peter 5:8) and are being used as instruments to tear and divide God’s Household.

As the children of our Almighty God, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, how should we approach the greatest trial that our generation has faced?

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Can Leaders Appointed By God Lose His Favor?

My Beloved Brethren:

The current Church Administration recently taught lessons that highlighted how our Almighty God has upheld His chosen Leaders during times of troubles and rebellion. This series of consecutive worship service teachings was one of the responses from the Administration towards allegations of corruption within their Leadership team. However, they seem to have forgotten to speak about the other side of the story: How some Biblical Leaders fell out of God’s favor resulting in the loss of their duty.

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True Obedience and Submission

My Dear Brethren:

Through this writing, I hope to be our Almighty God’s instrument to inspire you to obey and submit to His teachings through faith, works, love, and understanding – NOT through ignorance or “blind” faith. May our Almighty God guide my mind and heart as I write these words to you. In the same manner may He continue to awaken your mind, heart, and spirit to His true words and justice.
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Personal Analysis of The Current Church Crisis

As a regular member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, I am perplexed and confused by the response of the current Church Administration to the biggest crisis that the organization has faced. To be honest there are so many rumors floating around that I no longer know which is the truth. I want to preface my thoughts by stating that I am neither on the side of the Administration nor the side of the ministers that have stepped down. I am on the side of God and the truth that he upholds.

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