Why Haven’t The Defenders Won Yet?

Let me preface this post by saying that my observations are exactly what an observation is, a scrutiny of something that is occurring, or mostly in this case, things that have already  occurred; hindsight is 20/20.

It is a review of what could have been done better and what else could be done better by the Defenders if they truly want to instill change without taking into consideration the “God factor“. This is not a post mortem for the fight has yet to be won, but rather a sanity check and hopefully a nudge in the correct direction.

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Letter To I.N.C. Sentinel: Where is The Love?

Many brethren have written to me to express their pains and sorrows concerning how the Church Administration and some of our brothers and sisters have handled the crisis that has blemished the Church that we love so dearly. We hurt because the very foundation of our lives… our happiness… has been turned upside down. Here is a letter written to me that I believe puts into words well the feelings that many of us can relate to.

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Personal Reaction: CNN Interview of Samson & Zabala

Present: Isaias Samson Jr. and Edwil Zabala
Host: Pia Hontiveros
News Outlet: CNN Philippines
Link: Video

I was not impressed with either Bro.Samson’s or Bro. Zabala’s attempt to address the issue of the current church crisis and even more specifically their attempt to defend their stance concerning the  “illegal detention” case against eight members of the Church Council.

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Questions of Our Brethren

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Some of you have written to me asking questions concerning specific concerns that you have. I apologize  for not being able to answer quick enough. We will discuss subjects specific to: church leaders, patience, membership,  and offerings. It is my hope to address some of the questions below with the guidance of the words of our Almighty God.

For the sake of education and true obedience to the laws of God, I challenge you to take my answers with a grain of salt and to do your own research. Check if my words to you are indeed in the holy scriptures.  Be diligent my brethren for our Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ expects no less from us.

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Personal Analysis: Church Administration’s Response on 08/26/15

Hello brethren! I.N.C. Sentinel here again. I cannot… I simply just cannot sit here and let the Church Administration fill your minds and convince you with these preposterous excuses.  These types of responses are exactly the kind that we do not want to hear from them for they add no value to the conversation. The only thing that this response from Bro. Santiago has achieved is exacerbate the crisis that they mishandled in the first place and place the Iglesia ni Cristo in further embarrassment and shame.

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